Social TV Forum – will there be answers?

So we enter the exhibition phase of television of the coming weeks – we have the Social TV Forum, Changing Media, IPTVWorld Forum and then of course MIPTV. It’s great that so many great speakers are lined up and I think we’ll get a real insight into the direction that the industry is going in the near future.

First up is the Social TV Forum Richard Lindsey Davies will be a highlight with high hopes that he’ll continue the Project Canvas debate, but for me I’m hoping for a lot from Ian Kegel from BT. As one of the few true IPTV plays in the UK BT have the IP return path to do something really interesting. I’ve always argued that IPTV was built for interactivity and yet the industry has only ever delivered a one way programming – perhaps this is where we learn how they’re going to use the IP return path they have?

Social TV will become and more and more talked about as Project Canvas draws ever nearer, already the arguments rage as to whether dual screen experiences, text overlays on programming and TV widgets will take off.

Hopefully the first of the shows will begin to exhibit what the industry has in store for us!

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