GoogleTV – Now Sony Are Involved!

When I wrote my original blog post on GoogleTV I must confess that I was just looking into theĀ  future and was not to concerned on whether it would happen. But today the NYT have released some more information which would seem to indicate that actually my predictions were nearer the money than I thought!

So now we Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech all working together on GoogleTV, with the promise of an open platform so that developers can create new and exciting applications! With Logitech now involved as well we can also imagine a special remote control, perhaps with added functionality to ease navigation.

Now this is still all being denied by all parties – but if this is true, Google, Intel and Sony…..connectedTV could become very interesting in 2010.

Getting political for a second – why should the UK public fund the development of Canvas which will be limited to the UK, when 3 of the largest commercial organisations in media are developing probably a superior product, that will be truly open (does anyone really believe Canvas will be open?) and will also have the ability to be global!

Time to get excited!!

3 thoughts on “GoogleTV – Now Sony Are Involved!

  1. Here here! I’ve been saying that the Android platform is potentially more of a killer (not killer-ap) in the TV space than in the mobile space for a while.
    Although I agree with your previous post that search is paramount to the user experience, that’s not why Google has the best chance. Others could do pretty well (come see some of the recommendation demos at IPTV WF next week). In terms for pure brute force, Bing without being as powerful, is however in the same league.
    What Google alone can provide is a shrink-wrapped business model. Adwords is the unique enabler. Search is just one of the necessary building blocks.

  2. Interesting news Richard – thanks for this.
    We’ll have to see how this plays out.
    Looks like Sony etc are jumping on the Google bandwagon.
    Not implying this is bad, but I’m really wondering if this will bring the value consumers are looking for. If you look at the trail / footprint of Google, it seems all to be about trying to get a grip on exactly what people are doing and from analysis what drives them visa vis buying patterns. Not sure if Google is particularly strong on the core drivers of people – love, hopes, desires, belonging. All key to ‘social’ and hence social media / tv. To it’s own admittance Google is not a marketing company. I think they’re great in analysis but poor in creating experiences…..

  3. Very exciting new today Richard. I have been a Open Source evangelist for a number of years and to see such an all star team formed around Social TV yesterday really looks promising.

    Canvas indeed… well no one wanted to talk about it at the Olympia last week. I did ask why we even need hbbtv on the continent – which is based on Open IPTV and being largely tested by the Germans and the French – and Canvas in the UK – which seems to have no intention of opening up (I asked a BBC panelist at Social TV 2009 last year and was scolded). And why don’t we just have one bloody system for all of Europe, why two? Well that did not get answered at any rate – as it was a Twitter query.

    Anyway… look forward to the future of real Social TV, TV which is consumed socially and built socially in a competitive, naturally democratic Open Source environment which allows trickle-down tCommerce to more than just the all powerful networks.

    And hopefully Google and Sony.. along with Logitech and Intel can set the standard in a sea of STB’s, and other IPTV solutions, most using proprietary, legacy technology and many closed with no SDK’s or API’s …. never mind complete and utter Open Source.

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