Richard Gale I’ve worked in the broadcast industry for nearly a decade now, and look after 15 linear channels that run across 27 countries from the UK down to New Zealand. We also manage over 30 VOD partnerships, run 3 of our own online VOD portals and many other digital distribution channels. PlayboyTV operates the full spectrum of broadcast business models, advertiser funded, PPN, PPV, subscription and across Europe we’re sold in Basic and Extended Basic packages.

At PlayboyTV I’m the Director of European Sales & Marketing so I manage the Marketing, Digital, On Air and business Development departments of the company. I can’t think of a more diverse role that allows me to launch consumer campaigns in the UK, negotiate carriage deals in the Ukraine and offer support materials for India, all in one week.

I also run a small consultancy and work with a couple of clients a year on their broadcast marketing, distribution and commercial strategies. It keeps the brain working and allows me to bring the wealth of experience I have from the adult work into a more mainstream environment.

This blog is really just my personal opinions and musings on the broadcast industry today, where we’re going and why I still believe that this is one of the most exciting industries to work in.

You can contact me the following ways:

Email – richard at agit8or dot com

Twitter – @agit8or


All opinions stated on this blog are just opinions, my opinions and nothing to do with my employer.

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